Thursday, January 29, 2015

Exploring AP - Nagarjuna - Suryalanka - Vijaywada

Its been a long time that I have shared my experience of being ghumakkar with you all. Indeed, it was been a long pause to my passion to explore mother earth on a driving wheel. After the mesmerizing experience of Himachal, Leh and other places in north, three years back I settled down in Hyderabad with a motive to explore south. Well, given all odds, finally, this may I could revive my Driving spree. With a small overnight camping in ananthgiri hills just 70km away from my home, I could break free to re-start. This time back again with a 900km in 36hrs of experience exploring south.Read more

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lives Gods and Evils

We all are human and we all are lives, in life we all come across situations where we have choices. We come across difficulties and misery, we come across happieness. We always wanted to decipher the law of happieness and misery, we always wanted to find the reasons behind, we think if we know those reasons we can be always happy!!!. We always relate Gods to good and Evils to bad and name everything which happens bad to evil. However, is that true? Is God always good? Is Evils always causing bad?

Our Lives are a battle ground observing battle of gods and evils all the time. We are surrounded by gods and evils, goods and bads, the positives and the negatives. We always say that when there is happiness there is grief, when there is good times there are bad and we say that god tests us. Really, god tests us? Does god need us to be tested, why? If he is god then he is good, and good cannot give bad time, good cannot cause an evil effect. God can test but god cannot give us misery, grief and sorrows. Death is a fact, god has to take us all but have you ever thought about natural deaths, even there god give us a preparatory time, the rounds of hospitals or make the close family mentally prepared. But, god does not create accidents or unnatural deaths. Gods are positives and positive will only cause positive.

Then why misery occurs, why sadness comes, why grief attacks? Those are caused by evils, the negatives the bads. As I mentioned above, there is a war, since the beginning of the universe between god and evil, between good and bad, between positive and negative. We need to attract positive to stay positive and get all happiness. However, those who worship god get misery at times, right? Do they not attract enough positives? They do, but still they get misery at times, why? Imagine a war, or you are into a war, to win, whom would you attack the most? You would attack the one who is most powerful and those who are becoming more powerful. Same does the bad, same does the evil, same does the negatives, more you attract positive more you become favorite of god and worst enemy of evil. On the other hand, it’s been a belief that those who are on immoral, wrong path are seen happier and successful in lives. Have you also thought the same ever? Why, because, another war strategy, you would like to recruit more army, attract the army of opponent to be on your side and fight on your behalf. Exactly what that evil does, negatives do, and they attract us to recruit for their motives with lucrative packages. The path of immorality looks easy, because that’s the juice of the package, however the moment you join the army, you become a slave to evil, you become part of their army and you would be used to cause misery in other’s life. Now you can connect that why immoral, corrupt people often cause misery to others and at times their own family. They have chosen to attract negatives in their lives. Evils distract one from the path of purpose and mislead through many lucid offerings. Evils like to recruit people to their world and offer them lucrative packages and use them to meet their purpose.

Life is beyond the birth and death and those how joins the army of evil to rejoice the bribe, will be born again in lives, staying unknown of past and knowing god and evil, positive and negative from scratch. They would definitely need more effort to attract positives because of the backlog of negatives. You know now, why some are born with golden spoon and some born in misery. To break free, life and death to prosper in life, to attract happiness, wealth, relationship, one needs wisdom to attract positives.

To practice yield positive first you need to free yourself from negative feelings. You need to control what you say, you need to control your anger, you need to control your mind, your eyes, your genitals, and your taste buds. Once you attain that, you reach the uttermost level of positivity. You stop thinking negatives, you stop causing negatives and you stop getting negatives. Then the army of evil to reach you would need to cut through your soldiers, your general, hundreds of others. History is evident, whenever, evil is then face to face with god and other utmost positives, they could not withstand the rays and light and perished to the darkness.

Nature is abundant, just take the first step towards replacing your negative thoughts with positives, start respecting women, the food you eat, the animals and other people around, start meditating to god every day, practice yoga and exercise daily. Replace hatred with love, replace greed with need, and believe in receiving than craving for something and saying aloud that you are not born to get that. You are born to get what you want, what you say, what you think and what you ask for, condition you stay firm with your belief to the positivity of life.

I tried to keep the thought crisp so that you read and get the message, I would love to do further conversation on it, so comment here if you have some questions. Share the wisdom of life to save the world from evil and negatives.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Zindagi hai badi khoobsurat!!!

आनन् फानन में कुछ शब्दों  का बयां था
कुछ लोगो से मुठभेढ़ कुछ ज़िन्दगी से जंग था
मानो के बहुत जी चुके थे
मौत के बाद एक नई शुरुआत की इल्तेजा थी
ऐसे ही तनी भोह के साथ उस रोज़
चला था घर से
चलते ही अगले मोड़ पे मिला एक तिपहिया
मुड़ा ऐसे के जिगर मुह तक आ गया
गुस्सा तो था ही और मेरा दुपहिया भिड़ते बचा
गुर्रा के जैसे ही देखा मैंने उसे
वोह जानो ठाहके मारने लगा
मानो कह रहा था के "क्यों अभी न मरना तुझे"
मै भी हस पड़ा और हुआ अहसास
क्रोध में चाहे कितनी लगे ज़िन्दगी बेमानी
मौत  देखकर है फटती सबकी
यों ही फिर मंज़र बदलने लगा
लगा जैसे पड़ोस के मंदिर के बाबा
आ सवार हो गये पीछे
एकाएक सब दूर दूर के पोस्टर के लोग लगे चलने
कोई कुकर ले पूछ रही "क्या बनाना है?"
तो कोई सूट पहन लगा नाचने
मानो ज़िन्दगी एक  पल में दुविधा
तो दूसरे पल लगा हँसाने
यह पहेली चाहे जो भी हो
मगर ज़िन्दगी है बड़ी खूबसूरत

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Death State....

At abysmal each one of us might have felt to die. There is lots of speculation on what happens after death. Well I have a thought on what happens after death. May be it would help you to understand the same and may be it help to create a value of life even at abysmal.

Curious to know what happens after death, let’s go to a state of death for a while, find a quiet corner to sit in relaxing way, loosen up all your limbs, feel the numbness in your limbs, the aching feet... allow move down the pain from your legs from your toe, do the same to your arms, feel they are no longer there, you are relaxed... now start berating slowly... slowly... deeply and slowly... gradually move out of all the you up for a while from all your troubles and trivia keeping you worried, think nothing, concentrate on your breath... now we would be going to the death state.... slowly slowly.... you are getting no noise around, you are unable to hear anything.... your do not have any limb to touch anything or move.... your body is getting numb gradually.... you cannot feel touch... you cannot feel cold, hot, air or breeze.... its silence with no feeling.... your nose is not giving you any fragrance or any odor.... you are not tasting anything.... the dryness of mouth is gone... the wetness is not felt... there is no pain..... Now slowly close your eyes..... While you close your eyes... keep following the state you are in..... now stop you breath for a slow count of 10 to 15 or to as much you can....

That's it.... you are back from that suffocating experience isn't? Till you stopped your breath, everything was soothing and painless and the moment breath is gone you moved from a yogic state to death state and that's what death is. It’s still you there after death but you do not have a medium or body to communicate, you do not have a body to smell, touch, hear, see or breathe... you do not know where you are what you are... you can’t feel the breeze which is blowing you carrying your energy particle from where to where until you find a lady praying to be a mother and you with her breath with the breeze enter her body and travel to the womb causing heartbeat in her fetus and allow her to celebrate your arrival.... you move again from a death state to life.

Well Life and Death are two terms give to have a body or not to have. Life you are inside a body and death you are out of a body waiting and suffocating to breathe again. It’s the life which has power to create change, it is the life which give you the power to feel, see, breathe, touch, eat, taste, smell... you have the power to cause yourself the abysmal or hope. Death state does not have that power. Let death come naturally and let nature command you to change the body, and till then let us enjoy every breath and every moment and use it to shape the world and cause a change. Life is precious!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No Smoking!!!

I joined the club of smoking way back in the year 2000. At that time started for fun with one cigarette as a desert to dinner. Time past and the taste gained pace, imperfection became so perfect that it was very difficult to trace down the ethical barrier of pre 2000 era of my life. Before I broke my ethical barrier I used to believe that smoking is ill, such a strong belief that other than my dad all of the smokers in this world was demons.

During my graduation, when I was in my second year, in 1999, my childhood friend started enjoying the drag, initially I felt bad and did not join the club. But since he was my best friend at that time who can never be wrong, I started questioning my ethical barrier, was to be pedantic for a 84mm stick is right, is it so bad? Actually I was seeing few people who are not demon but still smokes. The thought of trying the stick some day was seeded by me in my mind, the food and water to the seed was a tip from my uncle way back when I was 15. One day he said to me, its nothing wrong in trying a bad habit, one should actually try everything, however, wrong is the age when you try. He suggested me to try everything after you turn 21, when you are matured enough to understand that you are only trying and not get addicted. Today when I have crossed 1year and 4months quitting smoking, I think, might he be right, but it took me 10 years to come out of the gusty smog.

I went to hostels for pursuing my MBA where I tried my first cigarette, but only at desert at dinner, believe me no bollywood style cough or feel bad factor for me. May be the only reason to get continue! May be by observation I have already learned the correct style of inhaling. My heart was throbbing, with excitement and fear, in few moments from now, I would be changing my entire belief which i was carrying from past 20 years. In few moments I was about to break my barrier of ethics. I was about to enter a new world of painkiller pills. As smoker boastly said, in tension -cig, in happiness -cig, in sadness -cig, it rains -cig, its hot -cig, its too cold - cig. Cig was associated with all moods and climate.

Goldflake kings to Navycut, and Navycut to Goldflake, from Desert to tea break then the journey just gained the pace. The club became larger, soon I started meeting people or old pals and discovering that they also smoke. Soon I found that my entire surrounding is smoker, even those, whom i used to thought were teetotalers. The nieche build up, the boasting build up and I was enjoying. In just 3years I started felt the first craving for smoke, prior to that I do not used to smoke in weekends when I was home, but offlate our group of 3 close friend switched to an inferior brand as Goldflake king became dearer. I think its that brand which caused craving of nicotine. Feeling thirsty, can't concentrate, mouth was getting dry and throught was demanding something, sleep was not going away from eyes, I had to go out and light one stick, as soon as I inhaled the smoke the pungent thick little chilly little bitter thing moves to lungs a spark of energy is felt in the body. The blood stream stated flowing, heart beat increased and mood started shifting from irritation to good.

That was the second time when I thought to quit smoking, it was a dependency and I do not like any dependency in life. With dependency you are handicapped to perform your best and fulfill your dream. First time when I tried quitting was when my mother boasted to someone that my son would never pick up any bad habit. I sank in guilt to quit smoking before they get to know. I broke all the sticks I had, threw it and thought never to pick them. I consoled myself, before buying a new cig, justify the cigs i just destroyed. The feeling of quiting the club started making a home in me.

But, like every smoker thinks I also thought after every cigerette that this was the last one. But soon you will have craving, and the craving is so damaging, you get irritated, you can fight with your spouse and friend and the loss looks bigger than continue smoking. Many a time I had a smoke table discussion to quit, most of the smoker did want to quit, some tried nicotine gums, some used will power, some were new so could stay away for couple of months but at the end all end up on smoke table conference. Over the time, i developed a cough, lost my stamina to run or walk for long, let aside foot ball or cricket, even while having meals I started sweating, sweating was not there before I used to smoke, I started snoring, I developed acidity. I was ruining my body a temple and harming the god inside. Let aside money which was spent.

Like others, I tried gum, I requested my wife to consider my ill behaviour out of irritation while I try to quit, and tried to help myself through many blogs and tips on internet. People used to say have coffee, but when I did I ran for a cig, it kicked the craving. People say stay away from smoker, thats again a hadicap situation which I never agree.

In April 2010, my wife went to my inlaws for a month, I thought this is the best time to give it a shot. If I fail she won't know, and If I succeed it would be a surprise to her. I analyzed and thought a lot and found the main reason of failure of earlier attempt. What is a Cigerette, not only it creates a nicotine dependency in body, it creates a social accociation with many friends, it creates a psycological and situational associations as described above, like, it rains we smoke, it doesn't rains we smoke, its cold we smoke etc. So, quiting cigrette is a task of paitence. What happens is, when ever you try to quit smoking, you quit it for hours, days or may be a week, supressing your craving but at last you give up and smoke. Its something like holding your breath and after 30sec you start taking double the amount of oxygen you normally breath. After that first cigerette after the break, you demoralize, and start thinking i can't quit, and your counter of those many hours, days or week is reset to zero. The tip is initially do not reset your counter, rather keep moving with stats like, one cig in last 2 days then two cigs last 5 days and keep moving. That does not at all mean you reduce your number of cigerette, that only means that, you still have quit but with a relaxation of few cigerettes when you can't at all live without it. Don't blame if you have one cig even afte qutting, rather pat your back and move on with more will power that no more cig. Within 7 to 10 days your body need of nicotine would be over, now the only craving fight is psychological and not physical. Now what will happen is, every situation in which you used to smoke, you will feel like smoking, one by one break each barrier, it rains, go out with a friend who smoke, hold your feelings, don't smoke and come back to work. Next time it rains, you will not have that urge. You need to break the accociation of cigerrette with your psychology one by one.

For initial days, start feeling the craving and start enjoy the craving with a thought that its something new and it will go away if you smoke. Start enjoying that craving. Remember, you need to make friends the enemy of your enemy at times.

Hope this reading can make you think about your habit, and wish you all the best to come out of it!!! Its bee more than a year for me now, a task which I thought is immpossible. Thanks to my wife and my friends who was there to support me and understand me when I was having a mood swing for this make over. I also thank one of my collegue, Chandan, who became my inspiration and gave daily tips of motivation to achive this milestone.

Its raining today and I am enjoying the rain without smoke, i am free, and out of my impedements!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Khajur bada ke Taad

खजूर बड़ा के ताड़

किसी ज़माने दो प्रेमी
एक खजुरी तो एक ताड़ी
खजुरी ने खाया फल
बीज बिखेर बोला हे ताड़ी
प्रेम का फूल खिले यहाँ
ताड़ी ने भी खाया ताड़
गेर के बीज बोला हे खजूर
प्रेम का फूल खिले तो यहाँ!

बीते बरस बीते साल
बरखा धरती इश्वर का कमाल
धुप छाओं खेल खेल
एक ताड़ तो एक खजूर का पेड़
दोनों के पत्ते उलझ उलझ
हवा में मस्त मादक
बारिश में झूम झूम
खेल खेल ताड़ खजूर

बीते बरस बीते साल
बरखा धरती इश्वर का कमाल
बढ़ने लगा ताड़ बढ़ने लगा खजूर
किरणों की चाहमें एक देखे पूरब
तो किरण पाने को दूजा पश्चिम
कुछ और टेढ़ा कुछ और झुका
हवा में फिर भी मस्त मादक 
पर धीरे धीरे दिशा बदली
आअकर बदला, बदल गया कद

बाकी था कुछ तो बीते बरस ने
बदल दिया रुत के साथ
बदल गयी सोच  
क्यों की ज्यों ही लगे फल
तो एक था खजूर एक था ताड़
फैली इर्ष्य फैला अहं
ताड़ खजूर का प्रेम ताड़ ताड़

बहस में बोले ताड़ मै बड़ा
खजूर बोला मै भी कम कहाँ
फल तक आना हे आसान
तन हे मेरा सीढ़ी नुमा
ताड़ बोले मेरा फल भरे पेट
तो ताड़ी दे मादक तरल
बुझाये प्यास करे मादक
पी ले तू भी भुला ले ग़म
खजूर कहे , हे ताड़  
तू कर रहा है मादकता का प्रचार
मेरा फल सूखे तो भी आये काम
भरे पेट चले सालो साल

यों हे बहस चलती रही
भूले दोनों, के जड़े
अब भी, दोनों की उलझी पड़ी
तेज़ हवा से एक दुसरे को 
दोनों बचाते है अब भी
भूला ताड़  के खजूर के कांटे
करते थे रक्षा उसकी डांगर से 
जब ताड़ था जवान
और भूला खजूर के
ताड़ की चुम्बिश सहलाती थी
भरती थी कांटो की जलन 

बीते बरस बीते साल
बरखा धरती  इश्वर का कमाल
बिजली इंसान कुल्हाड़ी कराल
कटे दोनों पड़े हुए थे
अट्टालिका का काम शुरू हुआ था
प्रेम की धरती से फूटे 
दोनों पड़े धरती पे लहू लुहान
जड़े अभी भी सोच रही
क्या यही थी परिनती

चंद पल थे मुट्ठी में
बिता लेता इर्ष्य द्वेष में
या फिर हस्त चहकते  
लहलहा लेता बरखा में
बाहों में बाहें डाले
अपनी तारीफ़ ना कर 
एक दुसरे के तारीफ़ में
शायद होता सकूँ 
दोनों के दिल में तब जब
धरती पे गिरते समाये भी
दोनों की टहनिय भी
जड़ो की  तरह उलझ उलझ
टकर टकर भिड भिड
गिरती ज़मीन पे

फल बिखरते लुढ़कते संग संग
कदमो पे आ गिरते किसी प्रेमी के
जो खाता एक ताड़ी
जो खाता एक खजूरी....

(२६ अगस्त १०)

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

रुक के मुस्कुराने को

रुक के मुस्कुराने को

ज़िन्दगी की रज़म में यों उलझे पड़े हम
अपने मलाल पे मुस्कुराने का मौका पा लेते हैं
जब पीछे मूढ़ कर उन रास्त राहों को देखते हैं
जिनपे शाद हो हम दौड़ा करते थे
जब जबीन पे बेफिक्री का मकाम होता था
आसमान नीचे और ज़मीन ऊपर था....

योंही दौड़ते दौड़ते ना जाने वोह रास्त राह
कब पेचीदा हो चली
ज़िन्दगी की रफ़्तार यों बढ़ सी चली
कब ना जाने मजमा इकठ्ठा हो चला
और वहीँ हम अपने बचपन को ज़ाइ कर बैठे
कब ना जाने वोह गीली सी ज़मी वोह हवा की नमी
खुश्क और ख़ाक में बदल गई
वक़त यू गुज़रा के खबर ही ना हुई

फिर भी आज हम उम्मीद का दामन पकडे
अपने इतिहास के वोह पन्ने टटोलते हैं
चंद पल मुस्कुराके
फिर से ज़िन्दगी के रज़म में उलझ पड़ते हैं
जब   यह कार ख़तम होगा
तो फिर से उम्मीद हैं के राह रास्त होगी
उसी पे चलेगा कारवां
और खुदा से मुलाकात होगी.

प्रोनिल (२८ अगस्त २००६)

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