Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Zindagi hai badi khoobsurat!!!

आनन् फानन में कुछ शब्दों  का बयां था
कुछ लोगो से मुठभेढ़ कुछ ज़िन्दगी से जंग था
मानो के बहुत जी चुके थे
मौत के बाद एक नई शुरुआत की इल्तेजा थी
ऐसे ही तनी भोह के साथ उस रोज़
चला था घर से
चलते ही अगले मोड़ पे मिला एक तिपहिया
मुड़ा ऐसे के जिगर मुह तक आ गया
गुस्सा तो था ही और मेरा दुपहिया भिड़ते बचा
गुर्रा के जैसे ही देखा मैंने उसे
वोह जानो ठाहके मारने लगा
मानो कह रहा था के "क्यों अभी न मरना तुझे"
मै भी हस पड़ा और हुआ अहसास
क्रोध में चाहे कितनी लगे ज़िन्दगी बेमानी
मौत  देखकर है फटती सबकी
यों ही फिर मंज़र बदलने लगा
लगा जैसे पड़ोस के मंदिर के बाबा
आ सवार हो गये पीछे
एकाएक सब दूर दूर के पोस्टर के लोग लगे चलने
कोई कुकर ले पूछ रही "क्या बनाना है?"
तो कोई सूट पहन लगा नाचने
मानो ज़िन्दगी एक  पल में दुविधा
तो दूसरे पल लगा हँसाने
यह पहेली चाहे जो भी हो
मगर ज़िन्दगी है बड़ी खूबसूरत

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Death State....

At abysmal each one of us might have felt to die. There is lots of speculation on what happens after death. Well I have a thought on what happens after death. May be it would help you to understand the same and may be it help to create a value of life even at abysmal.

Curious to know what happens after death, let’s go to a state of death for a while, find a quiet corner to sit in relaxing way, loosen up all your limbs, feel the numbness in your limbs, the aching feet... allow move down the pain from your legs from your toe, do the same to your arms, feel they are no longer there, you are relaxed... now start berating slowly... slowly... deeply and slowly... gradually move out of all the you up for a while from all your troubles and trivia keeping you worried, think nothing, concentrate on your breath... now we would be going to the death state.... slowly slowly.... you are getting no noise around, you are unable to hear anything.... your do not have any limb to touch anything or move.... your body is getting numb gradually.... you cannot feel touch... you cannot feel cold, hot, air or breeze.... its silence with no feeling.... your nose is not giving you any fragrance or any odor.... you are not tasting anything.... the dryness of mouth is gone... the wetness is not felt... there is no pain..... Now slowly close your eyes..... While you close your eyes... keep following the state you are in..... now stop you breath for a slow count of 10 to 15 or to as much you can....

That's it.... you are back from that suffocating experience isn't? Till you stopped your breath, everything was soothing and painless and the moment breath is gone you moved from a yogic state to death state and that's what death is. It’s still you there after death but you do not have a medium or body to communicate, you do not have a body to smell, touch, hear, see or breathe... you do not know where you are what you are... you can’t feel the breeze which is blowing you carrying your energy particle from where to where until you find a lady praying to be a mother and you with her breath with the breeze enter her body and travel to the womb causing heartbeat in her fetus and allow her to celebrate your arrival.... you move again from a death state to life.

Well Life and Death are two terms give to have a body or not to have. Life you are inside a body and death you are out of a body waiting and suffocating to breathe again. It’s the life which has power to create change, it is the life which give you the power to feel, see, breathe, touch, eat, taste, smell... you have the power to cause yourself the abysmal or hope. Death state does not have that power. Let death come naturally and let nature command you to change the body, and till then let us enjoy every breath and every moment and use it to shape the world and cause a change. Life is precious!!!